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The Billboard is the one of the biggest demand for Graphtec cutting plotter. This is basic application that cutting text and symbol, which are not graphical image, from cutting or marking film. This application is widely used in sign industry to make board for displaying advertisements and the finished articles are often seen in the world. Graphtec grit-rolling cutter is a product meet your demands of high productivity and quality.

Case Examples: billboard production,  Window displays, labels, vinyl billboards, vehicle graphic

Recommendation Machine

CE5000 series, FC8000 series

Valuable Features
Point 1. Basic Function (Half cut, Rotation, Scaling, and Mirror)

Half Cut - The half cut is the function that cuts the film without cutting the backing sheet. This function is useful to leave the text or symbols on the backing sheet while maintaining the proportion of it.  Scaling - The scaling is the function that sets the scale factor to enlarge or shrink the text or symbol to be cut. If the size of the designed text or symbol is large or small to set to a panel after it is cut, the text or symbol to be cut can be increased or reduced in step of two or half times using this function without changing the design.  Rotation - The rotation is function that rotates the coordinate axes to change the cutting direction. By using this function, the text or symbol to be cut can be arranged in an available area. The cutting film can be used effectively, and a wasting of the cutting film will be minimized.  Mirror - The mirror is function that cuts the text or symbol in mirror image. This function is used for the window display sign. When the text or symbol to be cut is applied to the window from inside and it is seen from outside, text or symbol needs to be cut in mirror image. It can be done using this function without changing design.

Point 2. Paneling/Tiling Function

If the designed text or symbol is larger than the panel or the media width, the text or symbol to be cut needs to be divided to smaller pieces. When the Cutting Master 2 plug-in software for the CorelDRAW and Illustrator is used, the text or symbol can be divided in to specified size. Some of CAD software for making the sign also have this kind of function.