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Cutter Applications

High Functional Film

The High Functional Film (HFF) is the special films that used in precision equipment especially.  The  HFFs are typically made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), Polyimide, Polyester and etc.  The characteristics of HFFs are great diversity. Graphtec flat-bed cutter is suitable to cut the certain HFFs.

Case Examples: Display Protection Film, Flexible Panel Cable, Touch Panel Testing.

Recommendation Machine

FC4510-60, FC2250 series

Valuable Features
Point 1. Repeated Cutting Function

Repeated cutting function enable to cut a thicker media which is difficult to cut by single pass

Point 2. D-cut master (Standard accessory software)

D-Cut Master can load CAD data: DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) files that is compatible with Auto CAD R13 and display, delete, or sort data; alter output sequences; set the output; or save data. It also creates plot data for output to a Graphtec plotter.