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Cutter Applications

Making a Package

The dressing package is the graphics printed box that used in various purpose and situation.  Recently, the dressing package is more popular than plain design. From the viewpoint of environmental consideration, micro-flute cardboard, which is often made of recycle paper, is used for packaging.  This is one of the reason why variety of dressing package demand has increased. Graphtec flat-bed enable to fulfill your prototype package making needs and demands.

Case Examples:Food, Cosmetics, Electric appliance products, package and etc.

Recommendation Machine

FC4510-60, FC2250 series

Valuable Features
Point 1. Build-in Advanced Registration Mark Sensoring function (ARMS)

ARMS functions simplifies accurate cutting of pre-printed media. The plotter uses a sensor to read the registration marks, and then adjusts the axes to match the coordination of printed and cutting data. If the image is created by Corel Draw or Illustrator, Cutting Master 2 (Plug in software) redound higher productivity and more simplify procedures.

Point 2. Advanced reverse-side cutting/creasing

Cutting and creasing can be performed from reverse-side using the registration marks. This prevents crease line from appearing on the printed surface.

Point 3. Creasing function

A creasing function to create fold lines for clean folding on micro-flute and cardboard has been enabled.