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Cutter Applications

Traffic Sign

The Traffic sign is the indication for the control of the traffic or the information to the drivers.  This is the common perceptions and can be found everywhere in the world as long as existence of people’s transit.  The traffic sign is made by thick reflective film that is courted by glass beads in order to improve reflection ability and durability performance of film commonly.  It causes hard to fabricate the material by hand.  Graphtec Flat-bed cutter and FC8000 series are enable to fabricate certain type of films for traffic sign with advance cutting function and high cutting pressure, and accomplish the fabrication works easily.

Case Examples: Traffic, roadway sign, promotional sign and etc

Recommendation Machine

FC2250 series, FC8000 series

Valuable Features
Point 1. Repeated Cutting Function

Repeated cutting function enable to cut a thicker media which is difficult to cut by a single pass.

Point 2. Additional Push roller (Increase feeding accuracy)

The additional push roller, which is positioned in between both ends, improves and stabilizes feeding effects especially for thick and curly reflective film.

Point 3. Panel cut function

This function divides the image to smaller pieces, and cut the media one by one.  It will lead improvement of cutting certainty for thicker and harder media.