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Item Part No. Description
Stand ST0100 Stand for CE6000-60
Basket PG0100 Basket for CE6000-60
PG0101 Basket for CE6000-120/120-AMO


Item Part No. Description Package
Cutting blade holder PHP33-CB09N-HS For CB09U series blade 1 set/pack
PHP33-CB15N-HS For CB15U series blade 1 set/pack
Cutting blade CB09UB-5 0.9mm dia. Supersteel 5 blades/pack
CB09UB-K60-5 0.9mm dia. for cutting thin film 5 blades/pack
CB15U-5 1.5mm dia. Supersteel 5 blades/pack
Water-based fiber-tip pen, and pen holder KF700-BK Pen (black) 10 pens/pack
KF700-RD Pen (red) 10 pens/pack
KF700-BL Pen (blue) 10 pens/pack
PHP31-FIBER For KF700 series pen 1 set/pack
Oil-based ballpoint pen, and pen holder KB700-BK Pen (black) 10 pens/pack
PHP34-BALL For KB700 pen 1 set/pack
Carrier sheet CR09300-A3 A3, for no liner type media 2 sheets/pack
Cutting mat CE6-CM40-2 For CE6000-40 2 mats/pack
CE6-CM60-2 For CE6000-60 2 mats/pack
CE6-CM120-2 For CE6000-120/120-AMO 2 mats/pack