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All-in-one Label printer

LABELROBO LCX603 is the label printer which includes Printing, Laminating, Contour-cut, Weeding, and Cross-cut functions.

Creating high quality labels, suitable for small production runs at a factory or office.
Easy to create label from one piece to a full run.

LABELROBO LCX603 is a all-in-one label printer easily creates labels with characters and illustrations designed with a computer. It can be used at printing companies and even at production and engineering companies making equipment and components. Labels can be created quickly in the required quantity with short delivery, low cost, and minimal inventory.
Cost simulation (in case of Japan)

The COPY function is available in the LABELROBO LCX603, enables a higher productivity. Once a printing image is transferred to LCX603 from the PC, multiple copy can be made without the PC using the COPY function. The PC will be released soon from LCX603.


High Printing Quality

High quality printing in 600 x 1200 dpi by three colors (black + 2 spot colors). Thermal transfer method is used for printing, inks and solvents are not required for it. It's easy to handle.

The 8 points size of character can be printed in specified condition.

Application of Ink ribbon

Scratch resistance Light resistance Heat resistance Chemical resistance Application
Laminated label Non laminated label
RESIN Excellent Others: 6 yrs
Yellow: 3 yrs
Excellent Excellent - Ratings label
- Serial number label
- Barcode label
- Model name label
- Operation instruction label
- Caution label
- Maintenance instruction label for inside of equipment
(Ex. Diagram, Caution)
Semi-RESIN Passable
(scratched by fingernail)
Black: 6 yrs
Others: 1 yr
Good Good - Ratings label
- Serial number label
- Barcode label
- Model name label
- Operation instruction label
- Caution label
- Maintenance instruction label for inside of equipment

Compatibility of Label material and Ink ribbon

Type of ink ribbon
(Aluminum evaporating, Mat)
FNS MAT N25-1310B Suitable Suitable
FNS MAT N50-1310B Suitable Suitable
FNS MAT S50-1310B Suitable Suitable
FR1615-50-1310 Suitable Suitable
PET (Clear) PET25A-1310B Suitable Suitable
PET50A-1310B Suitable Suitable
FR1225-50-1310 Suitable Suitable
PET (White) PETWH50A-1310 Suitable Suitable
FR1415-50-1310 Suitable Suitable
PET (Yellow) FR1015-50-1310 Suitable Suitable
Synthetic paper
(Plastic fiber based)
FR5311-85-1310 Passable Passable
FR6311-80-1310 Passable Passable
Coated paper GROSS PW-1310B Passable N/A
NP COAT PW-1310B Passable N/A
  • When using PET in Yellow color, printed color seems to look different color depending on the color of ink ribbon because characteristic of label material.
  • The PW-1310B is used for the Semi-RESIN type ink ribbon of black color.


Auto Laminating and Weeding

Laminate film is automatically applied after an image is printed.
Polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) based materials are available. Durable labels can be created.


Eliminates cutting die by built-in cutter

Contour cutting is performed automatically after it is laminated. The cutting tool allows a contour of any shape. The cutting die is not required for it, the label can be created in low cost.

The contour is properly aligned to the printed image using the registration mark by equipped registration mark sensing system (RMS). Three (3) registration marks are created and printed automatically in the LCX603. The registration mark is not required in the design of the label.

The weed boarder can be cut using the Flame Cut function. Small size of label will not be removed from backing paper in the auto weeding process.


Auto Weeding and Auto Crosscut

Weeding mechanism is included, unnecessary parts along the contour are wound for removing it.

Cross cutting is executed for each page after weeding is done, label is created.


Windows driver for application software

Creating the label using application software & Assigning color to the print head (ink ribbon) and the cut line in the Windows driver for LCX603

Printing images as an illustration or character for the label, also a contour cut line are designed with the label creation, CAD, or an illustration drawing software. A barcode, QR code, or sequential number label can be created using a function in the software.

Printing image and contour cut line will be separated automatically in the Windows driver for the LABELROBO by the color. An image for a label is printed in the printer section, and contour cut is executed in the cutter section.

The USB and the Ethernet port is available for interfacing to the PC. It can be used in the network (LAN).


Cost simulation (in case of Japan)

When the label is created using the LCX603, it can be significant cost savings and shorter lead times.
It can also be easily adapted to changes in design at the time to print the label.
The cost simulation is the following.

The label is the size of 40mm x 30mm in two colors (Black and Blue). It is laid out 12 copies in a single sheet.

  Silk screen printing LABEL ROBO LCX603
Cost JPY499/label in 100 copies lot
JPY199/label in 300 copies lot
JPY127/label in 500 copies lot
JPY4.6/label in 100 copies lot
Details of cost - Screen cost for printing
- Die cost for cutting
- Label material cost
- Ink cost for printing
- Artwork cost
- Label material cost
- Laminate material cost
- Ink ribbon cost
- Cutting blade cost
- maintenance cost
Lead time Approx. 2 weeks On demand

Note: Cost information are investigated by Graphtec in Japanese market.