Label making workflow

* Divide a roll into two by slitting lengthways. Can be finished as a sheet by cross-cutting.

Main Features

  • Finish your label printed with any printer!
  • Process Max. 200m roll continuously with Roll-to-roll system.
  • Create registration marks and operate the machine from Illustrator / CorelDRAW with standard plug-in software Cutting Master for DLC.
  • Cutting plotter installed - cutting dies unneeded.
  • Laminate and Slit your work.
  • Cross cut your work to sheet.
  • Max. media width: 216mm

Illustrator / CorelDRAW plug-in software
Cutting Master for DLC

  • Easily create DLC1000 original registration marks
  • Send cutting data to DLC1000
  • Supports Illustrator / CorelDRAW
Supported OS Windows 10 / 8.1
Software Adobe Illustrator (CC - CC2020), CorelDRAW Graphics Suite (X7-X8, 2017-2019)