Typical applications

The typical applications using the GL100 series are the following. GL100 series can be used for a variety of purposes in a wide variety of applications.

Monitoring Power

Business sector:Maintenance, Upkeep
Recommended model:GL100-WL/N
Monitor the power of high power equipment for maintenance and saving energy.

In In this example, the power of the air conditioner of building is monitors in offline. History of the amount of power is checked periodically.

Safety transportation of the cargo

Business sector:Quality management
Recommended model:GL100-WL/N
Confirm the vibration of the cargo. Safety measurements through monitoring the vibration of the transport vehicles can be vital to heavy-industrial and vibration sensitive equipment.

In In this example, the acceleration on cargo bed of the track is measured. The data is checked in office or warehouse. The time and value that acceleration exceeds the threshold are displayed in the list.


Business sector:Management
Recommended model:GL100-WL
Monitor the vital indicators for healthy plant growth. Creates the best conditions applied for growth, flowering, and fruiting using temperature accumulation and optimal growth environment analysis.

In In this example, the Temperature, Humidity, Carbon dioxide (CO2), Illuminance, and UV are measured for it. When alarm is occurred, the warning message is transferred via email.

Remote monitoring of equipments

Industry:Heavy machine, Heavy equipment
Business sector:Service, Support
Recommended model:GL100-WL
Monitor the operating condition of the equipment located in many place at one place. It makes shorter time to find the problem, and then service technician will be able to take action at an earlier time.

Assign a static global IP to router of each location. Or DDNS service must be available within network.