Main Features

Easy measurement by multifunction input

The input module can be expanded to accommodate a wide variety of measurements

It is not able to connect two sensors of the same type.

Providing a variety of sensors and input terminals corresponding to the application.

There is the following input module.
Number of channels and measurement type are fixed with each input module.


No. Input module Measurement (actual sensing) Measurement (calculated value)
1 Temp./Humidity sensor
Temperature (-20 to 85 oC),
Humidity (0 to 100 % RH)
Accumulated temperature,
Dew-point temperature
2 Acceleration/Temp. sensor
Acceleration in 3-axis (max. 10 G),
Temperature (-10 to 50 oC)
3 Illuminance/UV sensor
Illuminance (max. 200 k lx),
UV intensity (max. 30 mW/cm2)
Accumulated Illuminance,
Accumulated UV intensity
4 Carbon dioxide sensor
CO2 concentration
(max. 9999 ppm)

Input terminals / Adapter

No. Input module Measurement (actual sensing) Measurement (calculated value)
5 Voltage/Temp. input module
Voltage (max. 50 V) or Temp. (TC: K/T type) of 4 ch,
Logic or Pulse of 4 ch
6 Temperature input terminal
Thermistor (max. 120 oC) of 4 ch,
Logic or Pulse of 4 ch
7 Thermistor sensor
Temperature sensor (-40 to 105 oC), Normal type
use with GS-4TSR module
8 Thermistor sensor
Temperature sensor (-40 to 120 oC), Ultrathin type
use with GS-4TSR module
9 AC current sensor adapter
AC current,
2 sensors are able to connect (*1)
Power (instantaneous),
Integrated power (Electric energy)
10 AC current sensor
Clamp-on type (max. 50 A AC),
use with GS-DAP-AC module
11 AC current sensor
Clamp-on type (max. 100 A AC),
use with GS-DAP-AC module
12 AC current sensor
Clamp-on type (max. 200 A AC),
use with GS-DAP-AC module
it is required to use the same type sensor and it is used in the same power system of the single- or three-phase.

Available the software for PC & Smart devices

The GL100 is able to use with the PC or the Smart devices. The data on the GL100 can be monitored using the software.

General-purpose software for PC

General purpose application software will continue to have the ability to view in Y-T chart, waveform, and digital values. It is able to be also controlled the GL100 in real-time.

General-purpose software for the Smart devices

General purpose application software has the ability to view in Y-T chart and digital values. The displayed information will be refreshed by request. The simple settings of GL100 are able to control.
* It is available for the Android OS and the iOS in the Google Play or App Store.
  Supported OS : Android 4.1 to 6.0, iOS 9 / 10 / 11

The most recent captured data is displayed in the digital value, trend graph or the alarm history. It is updated by operation of synchronous.

Industry-specific software (for PC and Smart device)

The new industry-specific customize software will feature targeted software in accommodating users with indicators that are specific and familiar to that industry.

Indicators of plant growth

Indicators of safe transportation and storage

Indicators of electric energy

Specific-industry Measurement capability Description
  • Temperature Accumulation
  • Humidity Deficit
  • Amount of solar radiation
  • Amount of ultraviolet rays
Confirm temperature accumulation, humidity deficit, solar radiation, ultraviolet rays as part of the vital indicators for healthy plant growth. Measure optimal saturation deficit by understanding the best conditions applied for growth, flowering, and fruiting using temperature accumulation and optimal growth environment scheme.
  • Search and display
    acceleration thresholds
  • Temperature Accumulation
  • Humidity Deficit
Transpiration of industrial equipment, temperature controlled transport of food, and warehouse temperature management can all be monitored to provide the safest and secured operation. Safety measurements through monitoring the vibration of the transport vehicles can be vital to heavy-industrial and vibration sensitive equipment. Accumulated temperature monitoring and humidity levels will be vital to keeping food fresh in a controlled environment.
Power measurement
  • AC current
  • Power
  • Integrated power
Power and electric energy levels will be displayed on the graph using measured AC current locally at the factory, buildings and industrial equipment. Corresponds to three power systems including two-wire single-phase, three-wire single-phase, or three-wire in three-phase.

Possible to check the data in multiple method

Wireless access will support multiple configurations for both secured and world wide internet access.

The following configuration is available to communicate with the GL100. The available function varies by the configuration.

Configuration Case 1

Direct connection (peer-to-peer) with no LAN connection

Configuration Case 2 *1

Local area network (LAN) with no Internet connection

Configuration Case 3 *1

Local area network (LAN) with Internet connection

Available functions Configuration Case 1 Configuration Case 2 Configuration Case 3
PC (#1) Smart
device (#1)
PC (#2) *1 Smart
device (#2)
PC (#3) *1 Smart
device (#3)
PC (#4) Smart
device (#4)
Control of full functions Ο   Ο   Ο   Δ*2  
Control of simple functions
(Start/Stop, Sampling, Alarm)
  Ο   Ο   Ο   Δ*2
Display Waveform/Digital value Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Δ*2 Δ*2
Save data to PC Ο   Ο   Ο   Δ*2  
Receive message via email         Ο Ο Ο Ο

Ο:Function is available. Δ:Function is available in the condition.

Multiple PC cannot make connection to the same GL100 simultaneously.
Assign a static global IP. Or DDNS service must be available within network and the GL100 configured as a device within the WAN.
When the router has the static IP address, it is able to access from the Internet (WAN) using the static IP address.
When the DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server) is used, the ISP provide the DDNS service and the router supports the DDNS. The router will have the domain name. It is able to access from the Internet (WAN) using the domain name.

Reliable measurement with useful functions

Sufficient capacity of data

The captured data is able to save to the built-in memory or the microSD memory card. It has sufficient capacity of data.

Data Capturing Time

Condition: Using with Temp/Humidity sensor (GS-TH) by 1 minute sampling interval.

Destination Capturing time
Built-in memory (approx. 4.9 MB) Approx. 254 days
microSD memory card Over 2 years
File size for captured data is up to 1.9GB on the microSD memory card.

Available battery operation

The GL100 can be operated with batteries or USB bus-power. The power of the GL100 is automatically switched between the battery and the USB bus-power.

Battery Operating Time

Condition: Using with Temp./Humidity sensor (GS-TH), 1 minute sampling interval, Alkaline battery (AA size x 2). The microSD memory card is not installed.

Condition Operating time
When saving data to the built-in memory with WLAN disabled Approx. 2 weeks
The operating time varies by the environmental condition.
USB power source will be required for Voltage/Temp. (GS-4VT) and CO2 sensor (GS-CO2).

Recommended power source for the sensor module

Measurement items Input module Driven by battery (*2) Powered by USB (*4)
Temp. & Humidity GS-TH Available Available
Acceleration & Temp. GS-3AT Available Available
4ch, Voltage or Temp GS-4VT (*3) Available
4ch, Temp. (Thermistor) GS-4TSR Available Available
Illuminance & UV GS-LXUV Available Available
Carbon dioxide (CO2) GS-CO2 N/A Available
AC Current & Power GS-DPA-AC Available Available
Temp./Humidity + CO2 GS-DPA(*1) + GS-TH + GS-CO2 N/A Available
Temp./Humidity + Illuminance/UV GS-DPA(*1) + GS-TH + GS-LXUV Available Available
CO2 + Illuminance/UV GS-DPA(*1) + GS-CO2 + GS-LXUV N/A Available
GS-DPA (Dual Port Adapter) is used for connecting two sensors.
When GL100 is driven by the USB bus-power, power is automatically switched to battery after USB bus-power is down. If the capacity of the battery is low, the power of GL100 may be turned off. The battery is able to use as an auxiliary power of a power failure of the USB bus-power. In this case, it is recommended to install new battery to GL100.
It is able to drive by battery. In this case, an operating time will be shorter because power consumption is relatively high.
When AC adapter for the USB device is used, it is recommended to have power capacity of the 200mA except to use the GS-CO2 sensor. The power capacity of the 1A is required for using the GS-CO2 sensor.

Functions of email

The GL100-WL is able to transferring email and receiving email. The warning and other messages are transferred from the GL100-WL. The command of simple control for the GL100-WL can be received.

You do not need to sensitive for the measured values at all times because you are able to have the better understanding of the situation by receiving email from the GL100.

  • Warning message for the captured data (When the alarm occurs, message is sent via email.)
  • Summary data (Sending summary data in specified period that are the current value, value of maximum, minimum, and average.)
  • Low battery warning (If the level of dry cell is low, message is sent.)
  • Confirmation of setting change (When the settings has been changed, message is sent.)

You can change simple setting using the software for the smart drive. The simple setting is the start/stop, sampling and alarm. (The setting change commands are transferred using the email function.)

Setting of capture condition in the GL100 can be changed by receiving command by email.
(Setting change may be delayed. It varies by condition of communication for the email.)