Main Features

Useful functions of GLT400

Can record standalone

* Option B-568 is required for wireless LAN operation

Mount or embed in a system

Real time remote monitoring and control via Ethernet, Wireless LAN * and USB (Software is standard accessory)

Modbus/TCP for for PLC I/O channels

Bidirectional comminucation between PLC and GLT400 via Modbus /TCP, Start or stop command can be sent from PLC.

Enable to use as PC hosted data logger

Connection to PC via USB ,LAN and Wireless LAN. Standalone or PC hosted data logger for R&D, Quality and Production.

Connect as a remote terminal unit of GL840

Expand up to 200 ch (incl.GLT400) per GL840 or Up to 5 units of GLT400 can be connected to GL840 host.
Setup and control GLT400 with GL840. Captured GLT400 data can be viewed and stored on GL840.

* Option B-568 is required for wireless LAN operation

Wireless LAN@connection

Direct connection by Wireless LAN
(When using multiple devices, use Router by WPS)

Ethernet connection

Connect directly by Ethernet
(When connecting multiple devices, use network hub)

Wireless LAN & Ethernet connection

Data recorded by GLT400 and GL840 set up on the 1st and 2nd floors of a building can be set, controlled and confirmed on the 3rd floor PC.

How to embed into the system

Optional DIN rail kit, part B-540. One B-540 required for GLT400 and one B-540 for B-566 base terminal.

Automatically switches to AC to USB PD

Expandable and various input terminals depending on applications

Combinations of input terminal / terminal base can make suitable machine configurations depending on measurement conditions.

Reliable channel-to-channel isolated input
Analog input terminal capable of multi-input (common analog input terminal)

Voltage, temperature, and humidity can be selected for each input channel.
Use EU scaling for other measurement parameters.

Measure voltage

Supports wide operating range (from 20 mV to 100 V)

Measure temperature

ThermocoupleFK, J, E, T, R, S, B, N, C (WRe5-26)
RTD: Pt100, JPt100,Pt1000 (IEC751)

Measure current (4 -20 mA)

Shunt resistor (250Ω) is available as an option.
Equipped with a dedicated 1-5V range for the measurement range

Shunt resistance 250Ω (B-551)
* Cannot use B-551 resistor with B-564SL input terminal

Measure humidity

A humidity sensor is available as an option.
Power for the sensor is also supplied from the main unit.
Equipped with a dedicated humidity range

Humidity sensor (B-530)

Digital I/O port available

Digital I / O can be used by connecting an optional I / O cable.

* Input/Output cable (B-513)
* When connected as a remote terminal unit of GL840, this function cannot be used.

Logic/Pulse inputs (4 channels)

No-voltage contact (A contact, B contact, NO, NC) ,Open collector, Voltage input (H.L decision)

3 types of selections (Rotation / Quantity count / Instantaneous) per channel

Alarm output (4Channels) & Signal input for external trigger (1Channel)

Start/Stop recording with external trigger.
Alarm output port (1 to 4) are set for each analog input channel.

Various terminals for different applications

Various terminals for different applications. Choose based on connector type, accuracy or isolation differences.
Configure for application requirements.

Temperature accuracy is the value when 100 °C is measured when using a K-type thermocouple (including reference contact compensation accuracy).

Terminal Base Cover (B-588)

Compatible with all input terminals
* Except using with shunt resistor (B-551)

Expandable up to 200 channels

By adding an analog input terminal and an terminal base, it can be expanded in 20ch increments from a min of 20ch to a max of 200ch.

Channel Expansion (Sample) 20ch 40ch 100ch 200ch
GLT400 main unit 1 1 1 1
Terminal base 1 2 5 10
Input terminal (*2) 1 2 5 10
Input terminal price is means of standard terminal price.
Terminals (B-564,B-564SL,B-565) can be mixed. However, if you mix B-565 with B-564 or B-564-SL, the specification of B-565 will be equivalent as B-564 or B-564-SL.
When connected as a remote unit of the GL840 series, 180ch is the maximum. (GL840: 20ch + GLT400: 180ch) (sytem max. 200ch)

Expansion method (2 types)

The measurement data is safely stored in the flash memory of the main unit

Standard 4GB Built-in Flash memory and available SD card slot.

Internal memory : 4GB
SD card slot : Support SDHC and Max 32 GB
* SD card cannot be used when the wireless LAN unit is used.
* Max single file size is 2GB. (use Relay mode to extend recording)

Support long term Data recording

Number of channels and sampling interval

Sampling interval 10ms 20ms 50ms 100ms 200ms 500ms 1s 2s
Number of Channels 1 2 5 10 20 50 100 200
Voltage œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ
Temperature - - - œ œ œ œ œ

Sampling Interval and Capturing time

When all 20 analog channels are being used, File size of captured data is 2GB.

Sampling interval 10ms 50ms 100ms 200ms 500ms 1s 10s
GBD Format (Graphtec Binary Data) 31 days 77 days 95 days 108 days 270 days Over 365 Over 365
CSV Format 3 days 11 days 16 days 21 days 54 days 109 days Over 365
Since the recording time is an approximation, there is a limit to the number of channels depending on the sampling speed.
10msF1ch, 50msF5ch, 100msF10ch

Convenient Data Recording Functions

Ring capture function

The old data is deleted, and most recent data is saved. When stop the recording, selected data point is saved.
(Number of capturing data is 1000 to 2000000 points)

Relay capture function

Save data to multiple files with specified capturing time or file size until recording data is stopped.

Hot-swapping the SD memory card

SD card can be replaced during data capture when the sampling interval is 100ms or slower.

SD card cannot be used in the slot while the wireless LAN unit (B-568) is used.

Back up recording data

The recorded data can be automatically backed up to other storage media at regular intervals. FTP backup has a function to delete files in the main unit when the backup is successful.
Backup interval: 1, 2, 6, 12, 24 hour(s)
Backup file destination: Built-In Flash memory, SD memory card, FTP server
Data file format: GBD (binary) or CSV (text)

Available sampling speed is 100 ms or slower when recording in CSV format.
When the RING mode or external pulse synchronization sampling is selected for recording, the backup function is not available.
The storage device specified as the recording destination of the measurement data can not be set as the transfer destination of the backup file.
When backup is enabled and data file format is specified with CSV format, SD memory card exchange (hot-swapping) and RELAY recording are not available.

USB drive mode

Connect the GLT400 to PC with a USB cable and boot in USB drive mode, it will be recognized as an external drive for your PC. The measurement data in GLT400 can be transferred to PC by drag and drop.

Standard Accessory for 2 types of PC software and web browser function

Simple Operation Software "GLT400 SETTING APP"

Easily enter settings and monitor measured data from a PC. GLT400 is ideal for use with single unit. GLT400 inherited the setting screen menus from GL series.

Advanced Function Software "GL-Connection"

Max 20 units of GLT400 can be connected.
Display modes come standard with a Y-T View, Digital View, XY View and FFT View.
Contains direct Excel functions and a file connection function. Can convert GBD files to CSV format.
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Direct Excel function installed

A function that transfers recorded data directly to specified Excel template file with recording start.
Creates a measured data file when stop recording by utilizing a computational expression and macro in combination.

Settings, control, data confirmation/transfer are possible from a PC without using dedicated software

Equipped with a WEB browser function that allows settings, control, and real-time measurement values with a WEB browser without using dedicated software, and an FTP client function that transfers files to a PC.
Supported browser : Google Chrome (Recommended), Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Available functions on 2 software and web browser

Item GLT400 SETTING APP GL-Connection WEB browser
Device connection Wire LAN
Wireless LAN
Number of connected units 1 unit 20 units 1 unit
Device setting ×
Device control(Start/Stop)
Display data Digital value
Waveform ×
Other × ×
Redisplaying the recorded file × ×
Connect/ Disconnect during recording ×
Data transfer to PC
File conversion (CSV) × ×
Supported model GLT400 only GL seires * GL series *
GL7000 / GL2000 / GL980 / GL840 series / GL240 / GLT400 (Currently-used models only)

SDK (Software Development Kit) is offered for free

Please select the OS that may be used to develop for your software

  • USB Driver
  • Manual (Product-releated, Communication interface-releated,Data files-releated, ModbusTCP specification)
  • LabVIEW VI
  • Sample Program (C# / VisualC++ / VisualBasic)
  • Digital certificate installation tool