Expandability allows flexibility to configure for different measurement conditions

Useful functions of GLT400

Mount or embedded into the system and remote monitoring by PC.

Real time remote monitoring and control via Ethernet, Wireless LAN* and USB (Software is standard accessories)

Enable to transfer the data to the PLC. It can be used as additional I/Os.

Bidirectional communication between PLC and GLT400 via Modbus/TCP, Start or stop command can be sent from PLC.

Connect as a remote terminal unit of GL840

Communications via Ethernet or Wireless LAN* (Expand up to 200 ch (incl. GLT400) per GL840 or Up to 5 units of GLT400 can be connected). Setup and control from GL840 and captured data can be stored on GL840 which is measured from GLT400.

Various kinds of input type (Analog signal input)

20 mV - 100 V
Thermocouple:K, J, E, T, R, S, B, N, C (WRe5-26)
RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector):
     Pt100, JPt100,Pt1000 (IEC751)
0 to 100 % RH - using the humidity sensor
4-20mA Current
using optional shunt resistance 250Ω

Digital I/O port available (Requires option B-513)

Logic/Pulse inputs (4 channels)
Pulse mode: Instant/Counts/Revolutions
  Signal input for external trigger or external sampling.
Alarm output (4ch) When the input value exceeded the threshold level, output the alarm.
  Output format: Open collector output (5 V, pull-up resistance 10KΩ)

Expandable up to 200 channels

Save data in the Flash Memory

・Built-in 4GB Flash Memory
・SD Card Slot
 Support SDHC memory card,
 Up to 32GB

When the optional wireless unit (B-568) is inserted, the SD CARD cannot be inserted.
Maximum capture capacity in one file is 2GB