Specifications & Accessories

Main unit specifications

Item Description
Number of analog terminal units Maximum 10 units (200CH)
How to connect Analog Terminal Unit Direct-connect or connect with the extension terminal connection cable (sold separately) between the GLT400 and terminal unit, or between terminal units. Cables are 50cm or 2m length.
Memory devices Memory capacity (*1) Internal memory (MEM) : approx. 4GB
SD CARD slot: 1
(Compatible with SDHC, up to approx. 32GB memory available. The memory format only supports FAT/FAT32. )
Memory contents Setup conditions, Measured data
PC Software Standard Accessories (GLT400 Setting App, GL-Connection)
PC I/F Types Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX), USB 2.0, Wireless LAN (Option)
Functions Setup and control of the GLT400 from PC, Data transfer to the PC,
Connect to network as a remote terminal unit of GL840
Ethernet functions Web server functions, FTP server function, FTP client function, NTP client function,
DHCP client function, Modbus/TCP Protocol
USB functions USB drive mode:Transfer and delete the captured files in the internal memory or SD CARD
Operating Environment -20 to 60°C (Temperatures vary by analog terminal, AC adapter: 0 to 45°C)
5 to 85%R.H. (non condensed)
(When using the USB PD as the power supply, the spec. is based on power supply requirements.)
Power source AC Adapter 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
DC power 8.5 to 24V DC (maximum 26.4V) (DC drive cable (option B-514) is required))
USB PD USB PD compatible, external USB PD compatible battery (USB Power Delivery Revision 2.0 later)
External dimensions (approx.) [W×D×H] (*2) Input terminal (B-564) or Screwless terminal (B-564SL) is attached: 187.5 × 183 × 65.5 mm (excluding protrusions)
Input terminal (B-565): 187.5×183×65.5mm  (excluding protrusions)
Weight (approx.) (*2) 1120 g (In case input terminal (B-565) is attached: Differ according to terminal type)
Others Vibration -tested condition: Automobile parts Type 1 Class A equivalent
Possible to save up to 2GByte for one file.
Main unit, Anlalog terminal and Terminal base unit are installed. AC adapter is not included in dimensions and weight specification.

Analog Input terminal specifications (Option)

Item Standard terminal
Screwless terminal
Withstand high-voltage high-precision terminal (B-565)
Number of analog channels 20ch 20ch 20ch
Input terminal type M3 screw type terminal Screwless terminal M3 screw type terminal
Input method Photo MOS relay scanning system. All channels isolated balanced input
* Terminal b to be used to connect the Resistance bulb is shorted within all channels.
Sampling speed 10msec to 1 hour depending on configuration
Measurement range Voltage 20・50・100・200・500mV, 1・2・5・10・20・50・100V, 1-5V F.S. (Full Scale)
Temperature Thermocouple: K・J・E・T・R・S・B・N・C (WRe5-26)
RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector): Pt100・JPt100・Pt1000 (IEC751)
Temperature range: 100 ° C, 500 ° C, 2000 ° C (Fahrenheit: 150 ° F, 750 ° F, 3000 ° F)
Humidity 0 to 100 % (using the humidity sensor (option B-530))
A/D converter Sigma-Delta type, Resolution: 16-bit (effective resolution: 1/40000 of the +/- range)
input voltage
Between (+) / (-) terminal 20 mV to 2 V range: 60 Vp-p, 5 V to 100 V range: 110 Vp-p
Channels ((-) / (-)) 60Vp-p 600Vp-p
Channel / GND 60Vp-p 300Vp-p
Filter (moving average basis) Off, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40
Operating environment -20 to 60 ºC (5 to 85%R.H.) 0 to 45℃ (5 to 85%R.H.)

Options &accessories

Item Model Number Description
Standard Terminal B-564 Analog Input terminal
Screwless terminal B-564SL Analog Input terminal
Withstand high-voltage high-precision terminal B-565 Analog Input terminal
Base unit for input terminal B-566 Base unit for input terminal (B-564, B-564SL or B-565)
Connection cable for extension terminal (50 cm) B-567-05 Cable to connect GLT400 and B-566, 50 cm long
Connection cable for extension terminal (2 m) B-567-20 Cable to connect GLT400 and B-566, 2 m long
Wireless LAN unit B-568  
Bracket for DIN rail (extension terminal) B-540  
Terminal base cover B-588 * Compatible with all the terminal, except using with shunt resistor.