Announcement of known issue regarding the relay capture function of data logger

In data logger products, midi LOGGER GL240 / GL840, and DATA PLATFORM GL7000, the issue was found in the following firmware version.
We apologize your inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding of this issue.

Applicable model
midi LOGGER GL240 that has firmware version 1.24
midi LOGGER GL840 series that has firmware version 1.24
DATA PLATFORM GL7000 that has firmware version 1.50

The Ring/relay recording setting in the DATA setting menu is set to the Relay, data is continuously saved to multiple files up to 2GB until capturing is stopped. In this version of firmware, it overwrites the capturing data to the existing file.
* This issue will not occur if the firmware version is other than the above.

There is available the new version of firmware that this issue has been fixed. If the unit has the above firmware version, please update the firmware to the new version. The firmware update file is able to download with the following link.

midi LOGGER GL240: Firmware version 1.25

midi LOGGER GL840: Firmware version 1.25

DATA PLATFORM GL7000: Firmware version 1.51

In addition, products that have the following serial number are shipped with the latest firmware. It does not have this issue. The firmware update is not required.

midi LOGGER GL240: serial number C70230457 or later
midi LOGGER GL840-M: serial number C70216324 or later
midi LOGGER GL840-WV: serial number C70221688 or later
DATA PLATFORM GL7000: serial number D70311735 or later


If you need further information, please feel free to contact the local representative of Graphtec. We are sorry for your inconvenience.