News Release

Graphtec Corporation launches
new lineup of midi LOGGER HV series:
midi LOGGER HV GL2000, midi LOGGER GL980

Graphtec Corporation will newly introduce the midi LOGGER HV (High Voltage) series which is more safe for high voltage measurement than the midi LOGGER GL900 series which has been popular as a high-speed data logger. The midi LOGGER HV GL2000 is designed to correspond to CATIII 600V of safety standards.
The midi LOGGER GL900 series so far has been used for the measurement of electrical products. New midi LOGGER HV GL2000 can support high voltage measurement of factory equipment etc. and its range of measurement has expanded. Also, we will introduce new midi LOGGER GL980 with high-speed sampling and large capacity memory as the successor to GL900-8 model.

The midi LOGGER HV GL2000 is compatible with CATIII 600V capable of high voltage measurement of 600Vrms with 4 channel analog inputs and it is newly added to the midi LOGGER series as a high voltage model. For RMS measurement which is often used for high voltage measurements, it can confirm the waveform of RMS, measured value and fluctuations in the AC voltage. The midi LOGGER HV GL2000 is suitable for various measuring purposes inside the distribution board.

The midi LOGGER GL980 achieves 1MS/s high-speed sampling which was requested by customers and supports built-in large 4MW/ch memory. This model has isolated 8 channels voltage and temperature input. It is suitable for simultaneous measurement of high-speed voltage signal and temperature in R&D, and repeated measurement in durability test of driving unit etc.

Both models adopt large 7 inch LCD and isolated BNC connectors for safety measurement. It support both the USB memory device and the SD card memory to be used as external storage device for captured data. Easy connection realized with automatic recognition function to PC via USB or Ethernet interface and it can be monitoring by high speed data transfer.

Main Features

  1. 4ch isolated high voltage input and CATIII 600V support (GL2000)
  2. Voltage/Temp measurement with 8ch isolated multifunction input (GL980)
  3. High speed 1MS/s simultaneous sampling (GL2000/GL980)
  4. Large capacity built-in 4MW/ch RAM and built-in 4GB Flash (GL2000/GL980)
  5. Large 7 inch TFT display (GL2000/GL980)