News Release

Graphtec Corporation launches
new lineup of cutting plotter: FCX4000

Graphtec Corporation launches a new flatbed type cutting plotter FCX4000 series as a successor model of the FC4500 series.

The FCX4000 series achieves high quality cutting with improving of the quality and accuracy by enhancing rigidity of the main body.

The size of writing panel is expanded from the conventional model in order to be able to put two sheets of A3+ size on the 50ES model, and 4 sheets on the 60ES model. A3+ size paper which is used frequently in on-demand printing can be cut directly, it makes useful for improving work efficiency of the post-processing in the On-demand printing.

FCX4000 is able to run a half-cut and die-cutting in high-mix low-volume without the use of a cutting die at less cost and short delivery times.

In addition, other new functions are equipped which can help your cutting operation.

Highlighted Features

  • Enhanced ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system) to 6.0
  • Processing of cut and crease in the reverse side using the ARMS
  • Off-line operation
  • Data management by using bar-code
  • Including enhanced useful application software
    - Cutting Master4
    - Graphtec Pro Studio
    - Graphtec Pro Studio for Mac