Graphtec Corporation launches new cutting blade CB09-E

Graphtec Corporation launches a new cutting blade CB09-E suitable for cutting general media such as vinyl media.

Item Model Description
Cutting blade CB09-E [Diameter] 0.9 mm
[Angle] 45º
[Material] Super steel
[Package] Five (5) blades/pack
[Supported holder] PHP33-CB09N-HS or PHP35-CB09-HS
[Media type] Self-adhesive marking film (vinyl, fluorescent), Paper, Heat transfer film
[Media thickness] up to 0.25 mm

Please refer to the following page for compatible models and corresponding cutting blade holders.

For the cutter blade CB09-E sold to a specific area, it will be changed to provide without spring. Please use it with cutting blade holder PHP33-CB09N or PHP35-CB09 which has a built-in spring. This change does not affect cut performance and cut quality in this blade.
 Change: Spring is not attached to blade
 Effective time of change: After selling current cutter blade which provided with spring