News Release

Graphtec Corporation launches New Lineup of
Graphic Design Software:
Graphtec Pro Studio Plus For Rhinestone / For Auto Nesting

Graphtec Corporation has a various product lineup of the cutting plotter which will possible to accommodate a wide range of markets from the entry business market to the professional markets such as manufacturing markets. In order to support the cutting job of user not only from hardware, but also software, Graphtec Corporation will change the lineup of optional graphic design software “Graphtec Pro Studio Plus” which is enhanced edition of the Graphtec Pro Studio.
“Graphtec Pro Studio Plus for Rhinestone” and “Graphtec Pro Studio Plus for Auto Nesting” will be add to lineup as essential edition that important function for certain application is added on the Graphtec Pro Studio.

The Graphtec Pro Studio Plus is an optional software which has functions for creating design and developing productivity for cutting job. It will help user to improve a productivity of cutting job with the function of changing cutting order and cutting simulation. Also, enable to create Bar-code and QR code easily for efficient information management such as location data or inventory information. The rhinestone creating function and the auto nesting function which has favorable reception from user will release as essential edition software, in order to fit customer' s application and price range.

Main Features:

  1. Graphtec Pro Studio Plus (Include all function)
    - Automatic sequence number inserting
    - Bar-code and QR code creating function
    - Templates for rhinestone creation
    - Nesting function (Nesting / Power Nesting / Intelligent Nesting)
    - Directional change of cutting lines
    - Changing cutting order etc.

  2. Graphtec Pro Studio Plus for Rhinestone
    (Add rhinestone function to Graphtec Pro Studio functions)
    - Templates for rhinestone creation

  3. Graphtec Pro Studio Plus for Auto Nesting
    (Add auto nesting function to Graphtec Pro Studio functions)
    - Nesting function (Nesting / Power Nesting / Intelligent Nesting)