News Release

Graphtec Corporation Launches Cloud System Based Remote Monitoring Solution
Remote Monitoring System "GRM-ONE"

  • - Simple connect to various data loggers.
  • - Enables remote controlling and monitoring data loggers.
  • - Graphs from data loggers and video images from cameras notice you the current situation.

Graphtec Corporation has been looking ahead to the future of IoT generation, and provides the solution of using our data loggers as IoT terminal equipment. We are now ready to launch "GRM-ONE series" which is an IoT system includes our data loggers and network camera that enables you to observe remote places, on and after 2018 winter. "GRM-ONE series" has two line-ups of "Pro version" with basic functions available and "Premium version" with report function and alarming function reinforced.

Remote monitoring system is highly convenient that it enables quality controlling staffs to survey real-time temperature and humidity in warehouses or factories far located from the headquarter, and superior that it helps scholars in grasping measurement results at laboratory in distance.

"Pro version" of "GRM-ONE series" can connect our data loggers (GL1000, GL240, GL840, GL980, GL2000, GL7000) as an IoT gateway, which enables uploading data recorded on maximum 1000 channels in every minutes. Also their locations will be marked on the map on the browser, displayed together with the real-time measured results. In case of emergency, this mark changes its color to red so that you can recognize the problem. Measured data is possible to be charted as a graph or digital value, which can be stored to cloud server for five years. Not only uploading data, but also "GRM-ONE series" allows you to control settings of data loggers from remote places. Additionally, measured data files - recorded with high-speed sampling - saved to built-in memory can be downloaded from a distance, and video images from network camera will let you know the latest situation in remote facilities.