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Modular Data Acquisition PLATFORM
"GL7000" Relaunches With New Enhancements

Update:November 1st 2018 NO:Vol.18-003

  • - Record efficiently. (Dual Sampling Feature)
  • - Operate much intuitively. (Improved DC strain and accelerometer input settings)
  • - Handle much easily. (New software Development Kit)

Graphtec will release the new version of the DATA PLATFORM "GL7000", the high-end model of our data loggers, on November 1st 2018.

We have been receiving good reviews of GL7000 since its launch in 2012 for its dynamic capability for measuring multiple modules for various signals. GL7000 has proven to be a great solution meeting recent trends in requiring various input signals such as voltage, temperature, DC strain and acceleration for durability and bench-style testing.

In this revamp, we have integrated various requirements we have had from users and the feedbacks we have cultivated over the six years since the launch.

Dual sampling speed can now record slow and fast sampling signals in their own intervals at the same time in different memory medium. While recording long intervals on the slow sampling requirements, you can trigger to record dynamic transient signals at a faster sampling speed based on trigger thresholds.

This "Dual Sampling Function" will play an active part in a long-term recording such as durability tests which requires you to observe the detailed situation of a quick anomaly with the fast sampling requirements.

We have also made the DC strain and acceleration measurement more user-friendly in making calibration factor and other steps more less complicated in the set-up process.

We will also supply the Software Development Kit (SDK) for real time data transfer for custom application developed for your need. New libraries in LabVIEW VI will reduce the time you will need to create programs to parse run-time data to your platform.

Several additional enhancements on the GL7000 has been implemented on the system including :

  1. New menu for microphone sound input
  2. Redesigned user interface
  3. High speed data transfer for USB to PC
  4. Data capacity improvement from 2GB per file to 4G

Customers who already has purchased GL7000 can update your instruments without any new purchase by downloading the firmware and PC software from our website. (2GB to 4GB memory improvement will need the new GL7000 hardware).