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Thermal Printer DP-581H is Now Launched

Update:Jul 10, 2019 NO:Vol.19-002

  • - Supports various types of recording such as waveform printing by direct connection with GL series.)
  • - Easy connection with GL series via wireless LAN or USB without PC.
  • - Make it easy to record data anywhere, driving with a rechargeable battery.

Graphtec will release thermal printer “DP-851H” which enables to print out measurement data directly from data logger GL series in Jul 2019.

We have been developing and selling various kinds of recorders for many years. Market needs shifted from recording analog data on paper to recording digital data on digital media. Since then we have driven the market for small data loggers by launching of the GL series. Recorders supporting paper charts are still in operation in the market, though they started to sell long years ago. Measurement data in some manufacturing industries is always required to output on paper with the current GL series.
At this time, we will release a portable printer that can print data out from GL series in real time, satisfying the market request.

Thermal printer "DP-581H" is a compact printer with a built-in lithium ion battery, it enables to print data out from GL series easily anywhere without external power supply.
Furthermore, the printer supports wireless LAN and can be connected with GL240 and GL840 via wireless LAN, which also enables to print data out at a place far from a site where measurement is operated.

Using this printer together with the GL series, your measurement results will become hard-to-tamper. Printing data out on papers would ensure its reliability as an evidence, which customers using traditional recorders place importance on.

Graphtec keeps on developing and improving products based on customers, voice to expand the measurement section of business.