News Release

Cutting Plotter FC9000 series is Now Launched

Update:Oct 30, 2019 NO:Vol.19-004

Graphtec Corporation launches new Grid-rolling cutting plotter FC9000 series, FC9000-75, FC9000-100, FC9000-140 and FC9000-160 as successor models of the FC8600 series. FC9000 series is the flagship models of grid-rolling cutting plotters that achieves world-class cutting accuracy and productivity and enhance various functions and performance.

FC9000 series provides high precision print & cut function with the enhanced version of ARMS8.0 ( Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System) technology. This enhanced ARMS technology allows to read the registration mark on gold, silver and metallic media.

FC9000 series support the cutting data management function with original bar-code by easy operation. This function helps customer to manage cutting data and improve the productivity of cutting job. Also, FC9000 has “BARCODE" key for this data link function to skip all complicated operations after setting media to FC9000.

For customers who cut long length media, Graphtec also launches "Automatic Take-up Roller" for FC9000-140 and 160. Customers no need to take up the long length media by hand and reduce the operation time.

Main Features

  1. Enhanced ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system) to 8.0
  2. "Data link function", Bar code reader / Continuous cutting
  3. 1 Point Alignment
  4. Able to read color registration mark / color media registration mark
  5. Automatic Take-up Roller unit for FC9000-140/160 as Option
  6. Outputting data offline with USB stick, without PC
  7. Best quality in the Grid-rolling cutter history thanks to the new X-Y feature and pen block.