News Release

Cutting Plotter CE7000 series is Now Launched

Update:9 Dec, 2019 NO:Vol.19-005

Graphtec Corporation launches new Grid-rolling cutting plotter CE7000 series, CE7000-40, CE7000-60, CE7000-130, CE7000-160 and CE7000-130AP as successor models of the CE6000 series. CE7000 series is a standard model of Graphtec cutting plotter with various functions and enhanced performance.

CE7000 series enables to cut various type of media more stably than previous model with a new XY mechanism and pen block design which improves media transportability and cutting accuracy.
CE7000 series provides high precision Print & Cut function with the enhanced version of ARMS8.0 (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System) technology. This enhanced ARMS allows to read the registration mark printed on gold, silver or metallic media. This series also supports Barcode function which has been awaited by our customer and it helps productive cutting job. Also useful functions such as 1 point alignment which is suitable for Print & Cut application are newly added.

Main Features

  1. ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system) functions are improved to version 8.0.
  2. “Data link function”, Barcode reader / Continuous cutting will improve productivity of cutting operation.
  3. New function “1 Point Alignment” reduces the cutting operation time.
  4. Graphtec original software Cutting Master 4 has been updated to support Adobe Illustrator trim marks.
  5. Carrier sheet table which will helps stable die-cutting with carrier sheet is available for CE7000-40 and 60.
  6. Been enabled to operate without PC by outputting cutting data with USB flash memory.
  7. Easy operation with 3.7 inch graphic LCD control panel and direct key for data link function.