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Graphtec Corporation plan to launches gNew Multi-use Data Loggerh near future
midi LOGGER GLT400 gComing Soon!!h

Update:4 Dec, 2020 NO:TP20005

  • Supports Modbus/TCP protocol
  • A wide range of operating environment (-20ºC to +60 ºC )
  • Supports series of network functions
  • Contains a highly isolated input system
  • Connect as a remote terminal unit of GL840

Graphtec Corporation plans to announce the release of new products gmidiLOGGER GLT400h for measuring instruments in the near future. The GLT400 is a display-less data logger that suitable for both embedded and remote monitoring applications.

GLT400 supports bidirectional communication with PLC via Modbus/TCP protocol and adapting to a wide range of operating environment that perfect suite for factory and plant monitoring application (SCADA system).

It supports WEB server, FTP server and FTP client network functions for easy remote monitoring and controlling. The GLT400 has remote terminal unit function which multiple GLT400s can be connected and controlled by master GL840 and individual GLT400s data will centralized and combined as single file saved on master GL840 memory.

The GLT400 inherits a highly isolated input performance of GL840 which ensures that signals are not corrupted by noise from other channels that accomplish the high-accuracy and quality measurement.